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I first gained an interest in building web pages back in 1998 or 1999 from my first moments accessing the Internet. For several years I built little websites for myself and close friends and family, using mostly web building programs like Trellix (now known as Cute Site Builder).

Sometime around 2002 or so I ran across a personal website with a prebuilt Bulletin Board System that had a link back to the company's website which offered a free download. At that time the web host I was using did not have PHP or MySQL installed, and as this was my first known exposure to these languages, I was at a total loss.

Eventually I connected the dots and realized I needed a new web host since I just had to have this BBS for my own.

Once I had it installed, I began looking into custom modifications for it that were available from the company's website. From there I looked into building my own modifications, and thus a love for PHP and MySQL was born.

At first I relied on this other company's BBS as a crutch, but eventually I found it limiting. I wanted more than their enclosed ecosystem.

My custom coding brought me to Scrub Radio. My coding skills were still young, so we started out with the same BBS I used on my own sites. But even then I did so only as a mix of a BBS and my own coding.

Now, almost a decade later, I am completely free of these limitations and am working on my own BBS, Blog Software, Photo Gallery, Chat Room and other scripts. I've previously written a Chat Room from the ground up for Scrub Radio which has been extremely useful and quite popular.

Over the years I even had more than a few requests for the chat room I wrote for Scrub Radio, and I will soon be re-creating it for my own system here.

I love big and complex projects. If you are reading this, and have a project in mind, please feel free to run it by me! I look forward to something new and interesting.

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