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Welcome To Distant Web

Distant Web

Distant Web started as a potential Web Development Organization focusing on low cost web programming run by one person; Me (AKA DistantWords). For about 10 years or so I had worked almost exclusively for Scrub Radio, but now Scrub Radio is officially done and I have moved on.

I hand code everything in HTML/XHTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS. I am currently brushing up with the latest standards of HML5 and CSS3.

Right now I am building my own content management system which will probably always be an ongoing project. What you see here is a work-in-progress that I consider to be a very rough draft version. As of now I have the following sections/features, which are all in a very rough/early stage:

Some future additions (could) include:

Other aspects will be an ongoing effort for improved graphics, style, layout and overall design. Unfortunately I am not an artistic person, so those types of aspects are very difficult for me; one can easily learn something logical, but you cannot learn artisticness if you yourself are not artistic.

Thank you for reading,

Distant Web

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