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Distant Web - TOS

The following will outline the various Terms of Service, and other relevant information, for Distant Web. If you feel anytihng is unclear, or lacking, please feel free to contact the site to ask any questions you may have.

Site Terms of Service
Rules of the site:

*Be respectful, both to me, and the other members.

*Do not post anything you are not legally allowed to. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

*Do not post pornography or anything too racey.

*No Hate Speech. No threats.

*Do not share anything from this site without permission from the author.

Things you should know:

Your information will not be shared by Distant Web, period. Some information collected currently serves no purpose, but may some day. So please fill out the registration accurately.

If a field is labeled as 'Optional', it can be left blank; DO NOT ENTER FALSE INFORMATION.

Any material added that violates the site's Terms of Service will be deleted, and the account that added that material will be reprimanded. This can be a warning, a suspension or even termination of the account itself, depending on the level of the violation.

All violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis at staff discretion. All actions will be made by a human; no bots will be used, nor will any auto-deletion scripts.
Blog Terms of Service
The site's Blog Terms of Service are as follows:

1) You may not post anything that goes against the site's Terms of Service.

2) You may not post any content that you do not have permission to post, including, but not limited to content written by someone else (unless you have specific permission by the person who did write that material).

3) The site's staff reserves the right to edit or delete any blogs as they see fit without prior warning.
Gallery Terms of Service
By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you are agreeing to the following:

You may only upload photos that you have permission to upload. Any copyrighted material that does not clearly fall under 'Fair Use' may not be uploaded.

Photos that contain the following, for now, may not be uploaded:

-Nudity of any kind
-Photos that contain messages of hate or bigotry of any kind
-More to come in time

Violations will result in the removal of photo(s), and may result in suspension/deletion/banning of your account.
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