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This is just an experiment, so do not post here unless you wish to be marked (and displayed) as SPAM, including your IP Address and other data collected upon posting. Let me explain:

Normally when collecting user generated content, I use several checks and balances to try and keep SPAM bot activity as low as possible. So far, I have done quite well in that. Anytime SPAM bots get through, I can normally fix the situation rather quickly, though that usually means not allowing guests to post as that is the best way to make sure SPAM won't get through.

Recently however, I had this idea of creating a section of the site to allow all to post, in an effort to monitor bot activity. Part of this is just general curiosity to see how long it takes bots to realize that they can post somewhere. If I remember correctly, it only took a few days for my poll section to get bombarded... But I also want to see if I can further curb SPAM bots by allowing them free range in a specific section. How they post may help me in the long run.

So if you are reading this, sit back and enjoy the show, and DO NOT POST HERE!

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Type these UPPERCASE letters (A-Z) and numbers (1-9) into the box bellow

Bellow will be the SPAM messages posted as time goes by, assuming SPAM BOTs find this page.

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