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View Poll: Your Mobile Browsing? PT2
Poll Question:
"Your Mobile Browsing? PT2"
Once again I'd like to just see how much people use their mobile devices for web browsing. My last poll was a little too stretched out with way too many options, so this time I'd like to streamline it a bit. I'd also like to see if A) things have changed, and B) if I can get even more actual votes.

Anyway, just for the sake of curiosity, how much of your web browsing is done on a mobile device? I would say that a mobile device is going to be anything outside of an actual computer or laptop.

Thank you, and feel free to leave a comment, especially if you think you can clarify your vote or just want to say something additional.
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[ Posted By: DistantWords on 7/23/2018 10:34 AM ] [ Total Votes: 2 ] [ Viewed By 44 People, 90 Bots ]

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Posted On: 7/23 6:54 PM (1)

I think I use my phone most because that's typically all I have. I dont use my work computer for browsing:)
Posted On: 7/23 7:12 PM

TY! On a side note, it's good to know my RSS Reader thing works lol. Scared the crap out of me when it vibrated!!
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