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blankAbout DistantWords:

DistantWords Profile Photo My name is Rob. I am a husband and father of 3. I enjoy movies, music, TV shows, video games and spending time with my family as well as great friends.

I began building websites in early 1999, though very basic with 'what you see is what you get' editors. I moved to hard coding in 2002 and have been learning code ever since (html, php, mysql, javascript, etc).

I've been building this site in hopes of sharing the software with others, though that has not gone as planned; can't seem to find anyone wanting to run their own site with my software here. So I have been doing my best to utilize the features and sections that I have written the best I can.

Unfortunately I am not a content creator of any kind. Never cared for 'blogging' and still really don't, nor do I want to be any kind of 'reviewer' or 'critic'. In fact, that sounds just downright awful. Sure, I do give my thoughts on stuff, but really only because if I didn't, all this work (the coding) would be for nothing. I figure, if I at least pretend to be a writer (sort of) and use the software, at least my time was not for nothing.

The problem is, with most types of media (and especially video games), I really need lots of time to really let it sink in how I feel.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, was an absolute roller coaster of thoughts and feelings over the course of months, if not years. I went from loving it, to hating it (and being pissed at how CLOSE to great it was and could have been) to really really liking it. (I may write about that in fact).

Anyway, right now I have no idea what I'm doing. I love coding, and I WISH I could find someone to code for, as I myself have no content to really push. And what is a site without content?

Pointless, that's what.
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This site is a work in progress. Keep up to date in my Site Notes Topic.

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