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Topic: Content Ratings and Member Ratings RSS Feed For Content Ratings and Member Ratings
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Male DistantWords

This score is simply the cumulation of all ratings given for this member's ratable content (6)
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New A while back I posted about Blog & Topic Ratings. Now I have done some updating and I'd like to take a moment to explain.

First, I have expanded the rating systems to include Topic Replies and the various Site Comments. I am also considering adding Gallery Photos as well as Polls, which would be almost all content that can be added by members to the site (there are a few I have left out because I don't see it as being necessary). Gallery Photos is kind of a tough decision, and I will get to that in a bit.

But what I have also done is I have added a kind of 'Content Rating' members accounts. Primarily this is on a members Profile Page, but can also be seen here in the forum wherever someone posts. This is NOT a rating system like how you would rate a blog (for example). This is something different that may or may not stay.

What this is is a cumulation of all ratings given for this members ratable content. Any piece of content that you add that can be rated (blogs, forum posts and site comments) by any member. All ratings that are attributed to you, as in the content you add that gets rated, is averaged and then that average is displayed.

The basic idea is to show how credible or agreeable a member is based on how their content is rated by the other members. One idea is to eventually give members the opportunity to ignore content by members (mostly) who have a low average on their content rating.

I'm kind of torn on this because I like aspects of it, and I hate aspects of it. I also see how this can get extremely abused. But I would like to know what anyone reading this thinks of this idea/feature. Obviously this is kind of pointless right now as I am the only actual active member. But if this site gets big, or a future site that uses this software, this could become a helpful aspect or an awful one.

Before I end this I would like to point out how this can be abused and give a few ideas on how to maybe curb it slightly. So first off, someone like me who has a TON of content is probably most vulnerable to abuse. Someone could register a dummy account and just go through all of my content (it's easy to get to pages that have nothing but one members content) and rate everything as 1 star. With hundreds of pieces of content, and only a few current ratings, that many 1 star ratings is of course going to give me a 1 star average.

So two ways of dealing with this would be to limit ones ability to rate content based on their account age, their own amount of content (as in you can't rate others if you have no content of your own to be rated), or how many ratings they have already given in the last say 24 hours.

There are a lot of variables here, so I really would love some input here.

Thank you!

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