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New (This is mostly a placeholder in case I decide to go back to this some day, as well as something to link to from the home page for some consistency. However, I decided to go ahead and give some background as well)

One project I thought about doing rather early, but quickly decided it just wasn't worth it, was a Live Chat Room. Long ago while still deep into Scrub Radio's prime, I developed a Live Chat Room after the one we had previously used got hacked to shreds. It was widely popular at the time and I got many requests for it on other sites, however, since it was developed specifically for Scrub Radio and that specific site, it could not just be ripped out and modded easily for any other site.

Due to time constraints with Scrub Radio, I had to decline all offers that came my way for a further customized version for other sites.

I may decide to give it a go here some day, but as I am the only one using this site, there really is no reason for it. But here is a quick history for anyone that may be interested:

Back in the early days of Scrub Radio, around 2004 I believe, the second webmaster (the guy just before me) installed PHPMyChat and heavily modified it. One of the biggest changes was a massive library of custom 'smilies' and the ability for DJs to add their own. Those stupid smilies were so popular that all talks about upgrading the chat room were squashed immediately once it was known that doing so would eliminate that aspect.

Since I had not done those modifications, and since the second webmaster was no longer reachable, I was not sure if I would be able to recreate them.

Well, in 2006 or 2007, we saw first hand why 3rd party scripts NEED to be updated constantly; a group of hackers popped into the chat room and tore it up. Long story short, I had to completely remove the chat room.

Fortunately, it had always been 100% separate from Scrub Radio and the main SR database, so all it effected was the chat room itself. At this point however, since the chat room was not only a popular feature for our audience, but also kind of necessary for us DJs to communicate when changing DJs, a decision had to be made; one way or the other, we NEEDED a new chat room, and since our DJs as well as listeners would riot without their precious smilies, this chat room HAD to have the custom smilies section (including how they were added in the first place, aka by any given DJ).

At this point I had two options; the first being simply installing the latest version of PHPMyChat, and trying to modify it to our needs. However, this would just lead us to the same point eventually, having to keep it updated to avoid being hacked again. Anytime you update a 3rd party script, any and all custom modifications are lost and have to be added back manually. The second option was to write my own chat room. I had never done anything like this before, but to be honest, it sounded easier in the long run since I would be able to keep it secured on my own without having to totally reinstall everything over and over.

So, that's what I did.

It took about a week I believe, and I did update it slightly now and then, but over all the same chat room lasted for the rest of Scrub Radio's run.

Here is a screenshot from it, though this was before it even went live so there's no activity in it:

user posted picture

Like I said before, I may decide to recreate it specific to this site, but right now I just don't see any point. I have the ShoutBox, which is basically the same thing, so I don't know what purpose that would serve.

Thank you for reading!

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