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Topic: Site Ad Banners RSS Feed For Site Ad Banners
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So right now I am working on a sort of 'Ad Banner Rotation' feature for my site here, something similar to banner rotations I have used in other sites over the years. However, I'm not exactly sure how to implement it yet. I do want to at least see if I can generate any income at all from ad banners, even in an 'affiliate' sort of way, but I would also like to give any members the chance for at least some self promotion as well.

What I'm working on right now is a kind of multi-functional sort of thing where those who are allowed can either upload an ad banner, with some basic info including the URL, OR add some pre-existing HTML code. However, the latter can be very problematic if not heavily monitored. I myself may need to use HTML code, but I'm not exactly sure if anyone else would absolutely NEED to be able to use straight HTML as opposed to manually uploading a banner with a URL to their site. So what I think I am going to do for right now is keep HTML Code to Admins only, and IF I open this up to members, keep them to just banners and basic info (no code).

Now, you may be wondering exactly why I am posting this. Well, this post will serve as a kind of 2 fold; first, to use as the URL to a basic 'Advertise Here' ad (at lest for now, for testing purposes), and second to see if I can get any feedback on this.

As I said already, using HTML Code will have to remain specific to Admins, at least for now due to security reasons. So for adding Ad Banners, here is how I am setting it up at the moment:

Ad Banner - an image file to serve as the actual ad banner.
Site/Product Name - simply the name of your site or product.
Site/Product Description - a description of your site or product.
Site/Product URL - the URL to link to.

Honestly, these are the only pieces of information I think would be needed, but if you are reading this and can think of anything else, please let me know.

Also, PLEASE let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in in the first place. Would you be interested in adding an Ad Banner here, and how would you want it to work? Hopefully I can get this all worked out and added soon, but for now, think of this topic as just a placeholder and feature announcement.

Thank you,

This site is a work in progress. Keep up to date in my Site Notes Topic.
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