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New (This thread is intended to test my sites 'spoiler tags'. Simply hover over, or click on the area bellow to reveal the spoiler. If you can see the text bellow without doing anything, then you should avoid any postings where a spoiler warning has been given, as my tags clearly don't work. If you cannot see however, try hovering over, or tapping on, the black spot bellow to see if it works for you)

I've been trying to think of something to do with not only my time, but my site as well, for quite a while. One thought that just occured to me was to just get off my ass and maybe review the occasional game or movie. I absolutely do NOT have the money to keep up with 'current' theatrical releases, or 99.9% of games released (at least not till they are way cheaper than launch prices). I just don't have that kind of money to waste.

But, I do watch older movies, and I do play older games, as well as the occasional new release (both film and game).

So why not just try randomly selecting one here and there and give a quick review, or simply throw out some general thoughts. However, some movies and games would be REALLY tough to give cohesive thoughts about without spoilers. I don't intend to be spoiler filled, at least not without adding that to the description (if the whole thing is spoilery). But even in a cursory review, a spoiler here and there may be needed.

So, I feel it necessary now to test my spoiler tag. I also thought that any posting that contained a spoiler could/should start right off with a spoiler warning and a link somewhere that the viewer could test said tag, without actually being spoiled by anything in the process. Hence, this thread.

Ok, so if the above was visible without doing anything, spoiler tags are not working. If it was blacked out, and hovering your mouse did nothing to help view the text, the spoiler tags are not working. If you tapped on the block of black with your finger, using either a mobile device or some other touch-based screen, and you were not able to read, then the spoiler tags are not working.

Otherwise, if you were able to reveal the blacked out text, without doing so on accident, you should feel free to view anything with spoilers, assuming the tags are used properly from here on out (I myself will do what I can to make sure they are used).

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[Viewed 25 Time(s)] Scroll To Top Of Page Direct Link to this Post Posted On: 2/25/18 11:36 AM
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