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Topic: Windows 10 SUCKS! [explicit] RSS Feed For Windows 10 SUCKS! [explicit]
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Male DistantWords

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New So this is just going to be a bit of a rant about Windows 10; I fucking HATE it. This, to me, is without a doubt the worst 'Windows' ever! Give me Windows 8, give me Windows Vista. Hell, give me Windows ME!!! Ok, maybe not THAT far, but to be fair, as shitty as ME was, I didn't have as many issues with it as I do 10.

First and foremost, it's forced updates PISS me off! I totally get that Microsoft sucks at writing software, and therefore their software needs constant updates. They leave gaping holes in the programming which need to be fixed once exploits are released (not found, just released, because MS doesn't seem to care if there is a vulnerability unless that vulnerability is being actively exploited). But GIVE ME A CHOICE ON WHEN!

Windows 10 does not seem to allow this! At least, on many (MANY) of it's updates, it just says "oh, were you working on something? Well fuck you! RESTART NOW!". I can't tell you how many times I've lost hours of work because, without warning, Windows decided to just restart to apply patches. Now sure, every once in a while an update comes through that I guess is less important, but it will nag the fuck out of you until you update, including WAKING YOUR COMPUTER UP if you had it in sleep mode, JUST to remind you! Yes, I would often put my laptop to sleep (and because the hinge was broken I couldn't close the lid) just to have it turn back on out of nowhere!

This is bad enough, but the fucking updates would ALWAYS fuck with my settings, EVERY TIME! The worst was with the damned touch pad. I personally do NOT like 'tap to click' with touch pads. Never have, never will. I can never get a correct setting on them. It's either clicking because of the slightest touch, or not clicking at all even if I am POUNDING on the fucking thing! And with all the 'multi-touch' options, crazy shit happens ALL the time when that crap is enabled. I'll be just trying to scroll around, and all of a sudden, without knowing why, I'm dragging shit around my screen!

So needless to say, I hate 'tap to click' and all of it's sub-options, and want them OFF. Well, every time, and I mean EVERY FUCKING TIME the computer updates, ALL of the 'tap to click' options I turned off are suddenly BACK FUCKING ON!!!!

And there are like 3 or 4 layers of these settings buried in various sections, so resetting MY preferences takes a lot of time! And this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME Windows 10 updates ANYTHING, which I swear to GOD seems like every 10 minutes (is that why they called it Windows '10'?).

Now, there actually are other reasons I hate Win10, but they are kind of hard to explain. Mostly compatibility options, or various 'security' crap, like having to run EVERY 3rd party program as 'Administrator' in order for them to run properly. But hell, the damned 'tap to click' thing is MORE than enough, because even though I may be exaggerating a bit about how often the updates come in, it's not by much; this really is the most frequently updated Windows I have ever, EVER used.

I'm sure my laptop itself didn't help in any of this. I don't think it was quite capable of fully running Win10, as it was really, really cheap. But that IS a problem in of itself with Micro$oft; they only ever push ONE version of Windows at a time, forcing manufacturers to use a version of Windows that their computer probably can't handle well.

My first Windows 7 laptop couldn't run Win7 very well, but it ran XP beautifully. And since Vista was abandoned (rather quickly), hardware that probably would have run it well (it had to be better than 7, though I did not try that myself as everyone knows Vista was not very good either) was forced to run 7 with piss poor results.

The same type of thing happened with my first Win8 desktop, and then of course the Win10 laptop I have been ranting about here.

I totally understand that when a company puts out a new version of their product, they want to only push that new version. But for something as important as a computer Operating System, where optimization and performance are absolutely big factors, they NEED to either continue support for the last version as well, or have a 'light' version of their current software that will not need the same requirements to run optimally.

I have a ton more to bitch about in regard to M$, Windows and that fucking Lenovo laptop, but this rant has already taken a lot out of me. Thank you for reading.
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[Viewed 39 Time(s)] Scroll To Top Of Page Direct Link to this Post Posted On: 2/25/18 8:59 AM
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