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Topic: A More Mobile Friendly Site RSS Feed For A More Mobile Friendly Site
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New I have been putting off working on a more 'Mobile Friendly' version of the site, mostly because the way I envisioned it in the beginning was going to be a total chore. However, I had a few ideas for a kind of quick answer, most likely a temporary solution.

So with that said, yes, I have been actively adding some code for a more mobile friendly experience. It's not great, it's not perfect, but it's actually not too bad. What is really grinding my gears, however, is how drastically that experience can be altered by the specific browser you are using. I'd also imagine that other things, like phone make and model, and OS (Android, iOS, etc), will also equally alter the experience.

For years I have used Dolphin Browser for my Android web browsing, as it has been the most reliable over all. I've never been a fan of Chrome or the standard 'Internet' browser that tended to come packed in with Android (which seems to have been removed from newer versions). Firefox was good for a while, but started behaving sporadically over it's evolution.

Well, in playing around with my recent updates, Dolphin did something that rather pissed me off. I had logged into my site, and it saved my username and password, like most browsers do, but it started auto filling EVERY form whether it was a login form or not. It was injecting my password into non-password fields.

For those that don't know HTML, the 'input' field that controls most form elements have many different types. Text boxes (not textareas), checkboxes, and radio buttons are just a few input field 'types'. One type is the 'Password' type, which is of course used for passwords. That's why you see what looks like a typical text box hide what you type. That is NOT a text input, it is a password input.

I have never once, in my entire web browsing history, ever seen a browser try and inject a saved password into a non-password field. And most of the time, browsers that save username and passwords do a pretty decent job in distinguishing between login forms and other kinds of forms. A lack of a 'Password Field' is a pretty good indicator of a non-login form.

But, Dolphin apparently cares not for that distinction anymore.

Sorry for that mini rant, but it has been frustrating in this experience. As Dolphin has decided to be reckless with my passwords, I have decided to try other mobile browsers.

Anyway, I've rambled on enough for right now, especially for something that was just meant to be a quick announcement. So bottom line, I am actively working on a more mobile friendly experience. There's tons of work left to do, but please check out what it's like so far and let me know if you have any suggestions!
This site is a work in progress. Keep up to date in my Site Notes Topic.
[Viewed 75 Time(s)] Scroll To Top Of Page Direct Link to this Post Posted On: 9/28/16 9:56 AM
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