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Your Funds: 10,000 Main Page Test Deck Play Keno Play Poker

Welcome To The Distant Web Casino

Welcome to the Distant Web Casino! First and foremost, this entire section is purely for fun and there is absolutely no monetary value to anything you see here.

For right now I have simply recreated an older script to play a straight up basic version of 'Video Poker'. Other casino style games that should come in the future include Blackjack and Keno, as those have already been outlined in an older drafted script (Casino Games).

The 'funds' used in this section are earned through the site by simply doing the things for which this site was created; posting. You also get some funds for registering your account, each new day you visit as well as your birthday!

Here is a list of ways you can get funds, as well as their current value (all values can change at any time):

  • User Registration: 10000
  • Forum Posts: 10
  • Blog Posts: 20
  • New Polls: 5
  • Site Comments: 5
  • Each unique day you login: 50
  • Birthday Gift: 1000

More games will come in time, and more information will be added as I think of what else to say.

Thank you for reading and have fun!

P.S. If you are viewing as a guest, you can still play and you will be given a certain amount of funds. However, these funds are only temporary and will vanish as soon as your site session ends. The only way to save your funds is to register and login.

Your Funds: 10,000 Main Page Test Deck Play Keno Play Poker

Casino Stats
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10 10 6679 6574 156 2070 2226 ??? ??? ???
*Note about Won/Lost stats; Only actual 'Wins' and 'Losses' are recorded. This does not include a 'Push' as that is not a win, or a loss.
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