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The Scars of Gaia - Now Free Digitally

The Scars of Gaia - Now Free Digitally
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(This is a republished post. You can view the original posting HERE.)

I've come to the decision to delist the digital version of my novel, The Scars of Gaia, from Amazon. This is something I've been considering, well, from the start, really. I never actually wanted to publish the story as a book in the first place; my goal was always just to post it somewhere for free, like wattpad or some similar site. I was talked into the idea of publishing, and eventually, I was too far into the process to back out - once you spend several thousand dollars on something, it's hard to just walk away.

In my personal opinion, Amazon is not a great place for authors anyway. Yes, it has a large reach, but they also know that they dominate the digital publishing space, and treat their authors as any force with power does. They utilize bad tactics (in my opinion) to get authors to commit to exclusivity, they delete reviews at random (reviews being the lifeblood of any book), they allow customers to return digital copies (something at face value is beyond stupid), leaving authors to take the loss of the return, and they don't allow authors to set their book's price as free (permanently).

They also lock WAY too many options behind their exclusivity requirement known as Kindle Select, like running set, period specific sales; you cannot put an ebook on sale there, you can only permanently change the price, then come back later to again permanently change the price back.

Finally, the fact is that my book has not sold a single copy all year, across all formats. With all of this, it just seems stupid for me to leave everything as is. Therefore, as of this writing, the digital version has been unpublished from Amazon, and set to free on all other platforms. I use two aggregators, Smashwords and Draft 2 Digital (which I guess are now the same?), so for some of the storefronts, the price change may take some time. Barnes & Noble also seems to need time to update. I have also re-uploaded the entire eBook here on my site in epub, mobi, pdf, and azw3 formats.

I'm also going to be looking into posting the novel to sites like wattpad, and any other that may be out there of a similar nature. All I ever wanted was for the story to be read, and this will hopefully be one way to ensure that potential, without giving Amazon more power by delisting it literally everywhere else just to obtain a spot in the problematic service known as Kindle Unlimited - yes, I really do hate that 'service' with all my being. And if you maybe wonder why I hate it, think about it this way: could you imagine if Netflix or Spotify demanded exclusivity in order to have something included? No, of course not! If they want exclusivity, they pay for it up front! And Amazon knows this as they have their own versions of these exact things in Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music!

Anyway, you can disagree with my decision or my reasoning if you wish. This is simply how I feel. Thank you for reading, and to all who supported my efforts in the past. You really do mean the world to me!

P.S. I'm probably not going to post various updates on this matter. If I add the novel to any websites, I'll add a link to the book page, in either the 'Digital' section or 'Other Links' section:

user posted picture

Also keep in mind that if you are looking to download the novel from one of the storefronts (like Barnes and Noble for example), make sure to check that the price is free, aka $0.00. Some already have been updated (like Google Books), but others have not.

Finally, if you are planning to download the novel from my own website here, and aren't quite sure how to get these files onto your Kindle device, please check out my blog, What To Do With MOBI Files. That post goes into full detail on how to get mobi and pdf files onto your kindle.

P.P.S. I would have loved to have had my novel included in KU, I really would have. I just don't think it's right to require exclusivity in order to do so, and I personally feel that every author that does gives Amazon more and more power, and inches them closer to true total domination of the marketplace. And once that happens, we will all be screwed, because Amazon is NOT some altruistic company. Ok, sorry for the mini rant there.
Thank you for reading my post! Please consider checking out my debut novel, The Scars of Gaia, here on my website! The entire novel can be downloaded for free in multiple digital formats.
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