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A Non Writer Writing A Story? Hmph...
A Non Writer Writing A Story? Hmph... by R.P. Lauer - Distant Web
R.P. Lauer
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R.P. Lauer
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So as I have said, many times over, I am not a writer. I wish I was to be honest, but I’m just not. However, recently I actually had an inspiration for an original story, and for whatever reason, I actually decided to run with it. This may not sound unusual to anyone who doesn’t know me, but to anyone that does, this is indeed out of character for me. It’s also well outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve been doing my best, and it’s been coming together rather well strangely enough; at least in terms of ideas and all of that. I put together an outline where I listed terms, the history of the world, the current state of the world, characters and their bios (for the most part), plot points and miscellaneous notes. It’s a fantasy story, taking place in a completely made up world, so it’s kind of a lot to handle.

But I am actually doing it! Well, sort of.

When it comes to coming up with the ideas, and even creating events that tie everything together, I think I’m doing pretty good, way better than I had ever thought I’d do. I don’t normally give myself credit for things of creativity, because over all I’m typically not creative. But I seriously believe that these ideas could lead to something really special! Unfortunately, there is something that I fear is going to hold it all back; me. My abilities two write.

Let me explain, hopefully rather quickly. There are three areas that I fear my lack of writing talents will hold this story back from being what it could.

First, and foremost, being descriptive. I have always had a tough time describing anything. I swear to God, I could get put with a sketch artist, one of those guys who draws suspects based on witness descriptions, and try to describe my wife of 20 years, and I would not be able to lead the artist to draw anything looking like her. She could be standing right behind the guy, so that I can just stare right at her while he looks at me, and what he ends up with would still just look like any cartoon person.

I just suck at descriptions.

Then there is the fact that I can’t always tell if I should or should not be describing something. Like, I’ll be writing a passage, and I honestly can’t tell if I should be going into more detail, or if I’m already describing something that need not be described! It’s a real pain in the ass!

Second, dialog. Dialog SUCKS! And I am probably the last person to be left to do this. I can really only write how I talk, and how I talk is already massively unpopular. I can’t think of anyone else who talks like I do, and there is a reason for that. But, that is how ALL of my characters talk now.


Third, and this one I don’t even know exactly how to put, narrative? Flow? Going from one thing to another? Well, let me put it this way. In terms of writing, not only do I change lanes often, but I do so without using a blinker, ever! And I literally only mean that in terms of writing; in actual driving I always use a blinker, unlike everyone else in this country!

Sorry, pet peeve. Massive irritation. Something that pisses me off every time I drive. Anyway…

Bottom line, I just don’t know if I have it in me to actually write this story, and that really sucks because I honestly do think this could be great! You know, with the right talent behind the writing.

Then of course there are also the little things; grammar, punctuation, spelling (including those annoying ones that don’t get picked up because you spelled a word right, it just wasn’t the word you were supposed to use?).

My wife has a long history with Fan Fiction, and she knows a lot about that world. Unfortunately for me, this isn’t fan fiction, this is an original story, so a lot of what she knows, and the people she knows, are dedicated to that world, not this one.

Hopefully I can stick through this, and hopefully I don’t screw it up too badly. Over all this was just a ranting, as well as a distraction from my current writers block. If anyone is reading this, I thank you, and please wish me luck!

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