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Social Media Break, or Break-up
Social Media Break, or Break-up by R.P. Lauer - Distant Web
R.P. Lauer
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R.P. Lauer
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I've never really liked Social Media, and I've been pretty vocal about that over the years, but it's always presented a bit of a snare; it is extremely difficult to avoid it and good luck trying to start out in any public endeavor without it now, but it is also a massive cancer on today's society. It doesn't take long scrolling through tweets or other types of postings before you see the absolute worst humanity has to offer displayed for all to see and acting as if the sewage being spewed out is not only normal, but perfectly reasonable, even righteous.

But I am starting to see the end of my online life right there on the immediate horizon.

I've already ranted about Facebook specifically, and their new requirements for even having a new account that are absolutely not within my own prerogative, but now we can throw Twitter into the mix in terms of going to far for my comfort. Basically it boils down to something close to what Facebook wanted; my phone number.

Nope! Not going to happen buddy. Get out of here with that!

Granted, Twitter is not currently requiring me to add my phone number to keep my account, but it seems as if I can no longer send a DM to someone that isn't a mutual 'follow'. And if you are thinking that this must be because of something I did, I highly doubt that. In my 5 years with this account, I have a total of 19 DM chains in my DM section. 10 of those are one way messages that were sent to ME by people either begging for a follow, or thanking me for a follow (even though I only followed them back because they followed me in the first place). 3 are actual conversations with actual friends, 1 is my wife (we were just testing DMing on Twitter lol), 1 is a legit 'support' situation with a company whose product crashed on me, and 3 are DMs I sent YouTubers with suggestions (YouTubers who GET a lot of their content ideas from people doing just that).

This leaves 1 final DM. I sent a DM to a non follow on a simple matter that I will not go into because it was a private matter. But it consisted of two messages; one from me to them, the other from them to me, that were both very cordial (from my point of view anyway).

Now, if any of that sounds like any kind of abuse on my part, then good riddance anyway; I would not want to be associated with anything so ridiculously sensitive (even the messages with my wife were beyond tame and boring).

Bottom line for me here is that I will NOT give my phone number to any social media platform, and it honestly baffles me as to just how many people are so ok with that jumping through any hoop that gets thrown at them, especially in a time where it is public knowledge that these corporations only see you, the user, as a big fat paycheck. How the hell does ANYONE trust these companies enough to give them SO much information on themselves? And how the hell do you then justify BITCHING about the bad results that come from stupidly trusting them in the first place when ALL evidence points to the fact that they CANNOT BE TRUSTED?

So as a result of this latest development, I will be stepping away from pretty much all forms of social media. Twitter really was the last anyway, there are a few others I visit now and then but Twitter was the last main platform I visited regularly. I won't be actually deleting my account yet, though that day is pretty close I feel.

It does pain me as I DO run a website myself, and there is NO way to promote anything anymore without Social Media, but I just can no longer justify this to myself. One thing I really miss about Scrub Radio was the fact that there were plenty of other people to handle promotion; all I had to do was sit down and code, and coding is all I have ever really wanted to do in the first place. But from now on, I may just have to hang up that dream as there is no point in building a website if you aren't willing to conform to 'Social Media Etiquette' (basically being a self absorbed ass) and also have no one else willing to take that bullet.

Maybe things will change in time, it's impossible to truly know the future. But as of this moment, I feel it is probably time to just walk away from the internet itself outside of streaming media as the Internet itself has pretty much succumbed to the grasp of Social Media. I'm sure at first I will continue the occasional writing, and with that comes the obligatory tweet-share, all simply out of habit. But as any habit that is being reformed, I kind of expect that to fade in time as well.

As a potential farewell message, I'd just like to say Fuck Off to Social Media, and to its users, try and think for yourselves and stop trying to hard to go 'viral' and maybe try being a little more compassionate. If you see someone in trouble, maybe put down the phone and try something actually helpful for a change? Or better yet, instead of using that phone to film, maybe use it to call for help and THEN go and do something helpful? Just a thought.

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