A Graphic of Which I Am Actually Proud by R.P. Lauer - Distant Web

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A Graphic of Which I Am Actually Proud
A Graphic of Which I Am Actually Proud by R.P. Lauer - Distant Web
R.P. Lauer
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R.P. Lauer
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I've never been very good with graphics, nor did I ever have the biggest desire to work with them in the first place. I've never considered myself as 'artistic'; I've wanted to think of myself that way, but the reality has always seen me fall very short of that idea. And what graphical work I've done has really always been out of necessity, not desire. Basically, if I didn't do it myself, it wouldn't get done, as I don't have the money to hire a designer nor do I know anyone I'd be comfortable bothering with such tasks.

So I've done my best to fumble through any graphical work needed, and honestly it typically shows how poor my graphical abilities are. However, I've recently found myself not hating my work as much as normal; it's still not great or anything, but it's a far cry from where I've been.

Just yesterday in fact I started working on an idea I've had for a while, and the end result actually turned out better than I could have possibly hoped! The image I'm talking about is the one that is being used as the main image for this posting.

So on the main page of my website is an image I put together several years ago; my family and I had gone out to a park in Reno, specifically to take some various pictures in hopes that I could so something with them for my site. I believe my wife came up with the idea to take a picture of our shadows against the ground; unfortunately, we took the photo in Portrait mode, and what I ended up really wanting from it was a landscape.

I did my best to manipulate the hell out of the image, and over all it was fine. It never sat completely right with me, but it was good enough.

user posted picture

A few years ago, I had this idea to take a real photo of someone, isolate the outline of that person and create a vector silhouette of the figure. Then take that silhouette and drop its opacity and basically use it as the shadow, and then I could put that shadow over whatever image I wanted. Unfortunately I was not good at the first step at all, isolating the outline of a person, so I just scrapped the idea at least for the time being. Lately though, I have been trying more and more to at least get somewhat acceptable with things like that, and I felt that maybe it was a good time to try again.

It was difficult for me, and to make matters worse I had a limited supply of images to utilize; I'm currently going through an issue with my desktop computer, and a due to a recent project that was killed as a result has tied up almost all of my photos so I had to stick to just what was already on my website. Don't worry about that though, I have a plan to rectify not only my desktop, but also the project I was working on, it's just going to take a LOT of time...

Anyway, as I was saying: it was difficult for me, but I'm honestly pretty ecstatic with how it turned out! I've rarely been one to toot my own horn, especially where it comes to artwork of any kind, but this is one exception!

TOOT TOOT! (sorry, that was lame LMAO)

I'm sure to a lot of people this is pretty dull and insignificant; but when the best you use to be able to do was something like this, my latest effort is like the Mona Lisa to me:

user posted picture

(Speaking of which, I really need to replace that image...)

I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to do with this; at the moment, this image is the new default Meta Image for the site (so anywhere that doesn't have one specified for the page). But some day I do hope to do a full revamping of the images/graphics and color scheme and hopefully this can be a sort of starting point for that transition.

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