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TCL 32" Roku TV - A Solid Product
TCL 32" Roku TV - A Solid Product by R.P. Lauer - Distant Web
R.P. Lauer
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R.P. Lauer
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The following is a review for the TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

Sometime in early/mid 2017, I decided it was time to finally get a TV for my office. I had wanted one for a while, I had some spare money, so it was finally time. I looked at a few models and ended up with a 32” TCL Roku TV, and I did NOT return it. I could probably end this review there, as those who know me know that if I am not happy with something, I return it. However, because you probably do not know me, I shall continue.

I'll start with what could be considered the most important aspect; the picture quality. This is a 720P, 32” TV, so the picture quality was never going to be stellar, and no one should expect it to be either. I myself don't have a ton of experience with this size of a TV as it's rather small by today's standards, but this size is actually rather perfect for my office; I don't think any larger of a TV would have even fit.

Though I will say that I have had a few other 32” HDTVs, and I've known plenty others who have or do as well, and at worst I would say that the picture quality is on par with other TVs of this size. I have definitely seen worse, but I cannot say I've seen any better. So in terms of picture quality, this should be fine for anyone looking for a 32” TV.

Now, let us get to the real meat of this purchase; the interface, aka ROKU. Before getting this TV, I had absolutely no experience with a Roku product of any kind, but I am now a fan. The menu system is nice and easy to use, and it is quick enough for a product of this size and price (for spending such a low amount for a TV and Roku streaming device in one, I can't imagine expecting more).

There is a large selection of apps/channels from which to choose, way more than other TVs or devices I either have owned, or currently own. Roku is also the only 'streaming device' I have owned so far to offer the 'Spectrum' app (previously Time Warner Cable) and for me that is a huge plus. Unfortunately for those without Spectrum, I cannot seem to find any other cable company I know of in the list of apps/channels.

(Kind of off topic here, but what I love about the 'Spectrum' app is that I can watch my live TV channels over the internet, and without a cable box.)

Searching for apps/channels is rather simple as well, especially if you use the 'Roku Mobile App'; this app for Android (and iOS I believe) acts as a network based remote control, has all of the options as the remote, as well as additional features like a full keyboard and voice to text option.

Other features that come in very handy for me include the 'Roku Media Player', which allows you to play music and videos, as well as view photos, from a USB Flash Drive or through your network via any Media Servers running on your network (in my case, my router has Twonky Player built in and is connected to a 4TB hard drive with all of my digital media).

The only real cons I can think of are the following: First, the lack of a single 'Component' video input. There are 3 HDMI inputs, as well as a coaxial cable and composite input, but no component input limiting me personally on my devices.

Second, in order to use (or at least fully use) this TV, you have to create and link a Roku account. I guess that that is not a big deal, but it did bug me when I was setting it up, and all I wanted to do was see it in action.

My bottom line? If you are looking for a 32” TV, and use any number of Streaming Services (and especially if you are a Spectrum cable customer), this TV is a must buy (also available in 40", 43" and 49").

(I just wish I could say the same about a 55” 4K version of this TV product line. Review on that to come.)

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