My First Blog: A Preview of Things to Come by R.P. Lauer - Distant Web

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My First Blog: A Preview of Things to Come
My First Blog: A Preview of Things to Come by R.P. Lauer - Distant Web
R.P. Lauer
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R.P. Lauer
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I have honestly never been all that interested in the concept of “blogging”, and I never saw myself becoming a blogger. I still don't really, but as I've started my own sort of Content Management System as a pet project, I had compiled a list of things that could be a part of that system. A “Blog” is one of the things that did come to mind (though the thought didn't really strike me in any way).

My son expressed interest in what I've been working on, especially the “Blog” entry in my list of possible future projects. So much so that I made a copy for him to play with on his own domain. Recently, my wife expressed interest in having a site for herself as well, especially a blog.

So it became clear after finishing my first draft of the ShoutBox, that a Blog was to be my next project. Thus, this post.

Throughout most of my coding of the rough outlines, I looked to my wife to give me ideas about how everything should work, as I don't have any real knowledge of Blogs myself. I also figured I'd look to her and my son for real testing.

However, in the process of working on my last few projects, something else happened elsewhere that may have lit a desire for some possible, actual blogs on my part; the ultimate closure of Scrub Radio, an Internet Radio Station devoted to playing Independent Artists.

For those who don't know (though I'm not sure who that would be if they are actually reading this, but stranger things have happened), I have worked for Scrub Radio in one way or another for over a decade now, having started off as a DJ and eventually moving to its webmaster and one of many tech guys throughout the better course of a decade.

It started with discovering a nasty little script on the sever that was not supposed to be there; hackers have been a constant struggle throughout the years, in the course of which forced the closure of Scrub Radio's sister site, Scrub Records. This discovery lead the a long discussion with the owner of Scrub Radio, as well as a few others, going from “what can we do?” to “there really is no choice” ending with the end of one hell of a ride.

It really was an extremely tough decision to come to, but at the end of all the long talks, it was the only choice we had for many, many reasons.

(Don't misunderstand the above statements. The hacking wasn't any kind of ultimate reason for closing, it's just what started the chain of events.)

Now you may ask, “Where are you going with this, Rob?” Well, in the aftermath of all the talks, all the back and forth, I got to thinking that it might be interesting to sit down some day and write about my experiences with Scrub Radio, as well as in the world of Independent Recording Artists and the Internet.

Of course, while thinking about what all I have to say on this subject, a lot has come to mind. Some great aspects, some not so great aspects, the challenges and those sweet victories that looking back feel too few and far between. So much in fact that it might take a two or three part blog to get it all out. I may not have a choice when the time comes, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Another subject that has come to mind, directly connected to Scrub Radio and Independent Recording Artists is the Internet itself, web coding and the dangers that lurk out there. I am considering a series of Blogs dedicated to the Internet, with hopefully some helpful information for those trying to surf that world wide web that may keep some at least from wiping out.

How long it all takes will just depend on how often I get to sit down at the computer, not surf the web, not do any coding, and not get too distracted by my real life situations like those pesky kids.

Also please keep in mind that this site itself is still in the very early stages of development, and things are changing often.

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This is so cool! I can't wait to hear all about scrub radio.
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