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Male froggerduncan14

Born: Apr, 11, 2000 (18)
Group: Moderators
Joined: Dec 24, 2013
Last Activity: Jun 20, 2018
Location: South park, Colorado
Forum Posts: 9
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About froggerduncan14:

I make short films. I am OK at animation, and GREAT at stop motion. I am OK acting wise, and I am a terrible voice actor. I am pretty good in game development, and I am learning C++, I know batch code, and I have made a few java script games. My favorite film that I have made was my Harold White film, as seen by my profile picture, and my favorite game that I have made is Jimmy's Arcade.
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Posted On: 4/11 7:27 AM
Happy Birthday, boy!
Posted On: 4/10 12:13 PM
Hey Kid, last day as a minor. How's it feel?
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