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Male DistantWords

Born: May, 4, 1977 (40)
Group: Admin
Joined: Sep 2, 2013
Last Activity: Mar 16, 2018
Location: Monroe, NC
Forum Posts: 44
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My name is Robert Lauer. I am a husband and father of 3. I enjoy movies, music, TV shows, video games and spending time with my family as well as great friends.

I've been web coding for about 15 years, give or take. I shall give more info in the near future.
This site is a work in progress. Keep up to date in my Site Notes Topic.

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30 HarryPotterTimeTurner.png image/png 621.18 KB 1200 630 9/3/17 6:41 PM
27 ItMovie.png image/png 278.7 KB 1200 630 9/11/17 4:09 PM
23 Metroid-ReturnTo2D.png image/png 262.73 KB 1200 630 9/15/17 2:13 PM
19 1f642a38069e78d37147d4f33f7dc300.jpg image/jpeg 11.9 KB 220 220 11/1/17 10:40 AM
6 DistantWeb(Flat).png image/png 186.54 KB 2560 1440 2/4/18 12:07 PM

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Posted On: 9/2/2017 9:55 AM
This is just a test comment from my phone. Nothing fancy, just plain text. BB Code is just not fun on a mobile device, but I don't have an answer to that myself. I have only recently been trying to use my phone for web browsing a bit more than before
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