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Male DistantWords

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New I know I'm pretty much just posting to myself at the moment, but on the slight off chance that someone out there has been paying any attention at all to my little project here, I figured I should post a quick update.

This year (2014) has been pretty busy for me in the real world so I haven't had any time to code in what seems like forever. I've got a ton of work to do around the house which I don't see finishing any time soon, and even if I do get some time to myself, I'll most likely use that time to rest. Regardless, my laptop has died on me (it no longer recognizes my power cord) and that's what I've used to do my coding, so everything I was working on is now stuck in limbo.

I finally got my desktop setup in a place where I can easily access it, but for some reason my localhost web server is no longer working properly. I think I need to re-install it as I've made some changes in external hard drives which were a part of the installation. That shouldn't be too difficult, but again, I'd need the time to actually do it.

Some day I will have the time to put back into this, and I know what when that day comes it won't take long for me to catch back up to where I was before real life got in the way. When that time will come however is another question that has no answer at the moment. I hope it comes soon because I've been dying to get back into this. I had made some great progress with my little project, much more than I ever thought possible, and there is so much more to do.

Until then, this site shall just have to sit and collect virtual dust. I guess that's fine anyway since I don't have a real audience or purpose with what I'm doing.

Anyway, until I can get back to work, take care Internet! Please don't get even more corrupted by Social Media and Social Networking sites; you're already tainted enough.

P.S. On a side note, because of how busy I've been, I had to pay for another year of my current web hosting. That was really painful because I just don't like it here. But, I simply didn't have the time to research hosts and move all my files.
This site is a work in progress. Keep up to date in my Site Notes Topic. 😢
[Viewed 65 Time(s)] Scroll To Top Of Page Direct Link to this Post Posted On: 3/13/14 10:58 AM
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