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Topic: Forum Search (Beta)
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Male DistantWords

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New I have been working on this off and on (mostly off) for a while, but finally got off my ass yesterday to work on it a little more. This of course is a Forum Search:


Right now you can search all forums, or any specific forums. Once I get Javascript in the mix I will have it so that selecting "All Forums" any other selections will automatically de-select, but for now it doesn't. However, if "All Forums" is selected, any other selections are ignored.

The text search is still a bit basic, and more options will come in time. But for now here's how it works:

If you just type a bunch of words, it will look for any of them, not necessarily all of them. If you add a plus sign, +, in front of a word, it will require that word. If you put a minus sign, -, it will exclude that word, meaning that word will NOT be in the body or title. If you wrap words in quotation marks, it will search for that exact phrase.

Adding + and - to the front quote will require it to be there or not depending on the sign.

Like I said, it's basic for now, and may not work perfectly yet lol. I'm still testing, but my forum posts are so few that testing is hard. But more will come in the future.

Some things to include will be searching by member account, case sensitive searches, sorting options, etc.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think!
This site is a work in progress. Keep up to date in my Site Notes Topic.
[Viewed 92 Time(s)] Scroll To Top Of Page Direct Link to this Post Posted On: 5/21/16 12:19 PM
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