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A Possible Goodbye
A Possible Goodbye by Robert Lauer - Distant Web
Robert Lauer
Robert Lauer
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Distant Web started out as a potential 'Web Development' project, something that I had hoped to do for a living some day. I had already built several web sites over the years, and I was deep into learning web coding from HTML/CSS to PHP/MySQL to Javascript, so it only made sense to eventually put something together for future projects and earnings.

However, by that time I was also heavily invested in Scrub Radio, and online radio station focused 100% on supporting Independent Recording Artists. This kept me very busy for over a decade.

In late 2013 I distanced myself a bit from Scrub Radio to focus more on Distant Web, starting work on what you see now; a custom built content system that would hopefully one day include all common web based scripts and applications.

Unfortunately, by that time, these types of scripts were becoming more and more outdated. Personal websites are almost non-existent these days, as most people still to the various Social Media sites. It's extremely difficult to find any work in web coding, unless you are working for an already established company.

I've pushed forward regardless, if nothing else just so I can finish what I started.

But with a lack of true focus, and no actual audience or purpose, I am finding less and less desire to work simply for the sake of finishing something. I'm also finding it harder and harder to justify the monthly fees associated with web hosting, seeing as all this is becoming more and more of a dead end idea.

I have already closed up my time with Scrub Radio; the site has been replaced with a goodbye message, and I will not be making any future effort to restart it.

As of this time, I have no idea what I am going to do. My time is almost up at the current host, and the monthly fee is going to double once that happens. I really hate the idea of moving to yet another server, especially since my sites serve no real purpose anymore. I also hate the idea of walking away from coding, something I've been doing for over 15 years now, with nothing really to show for all that time and effort.

For now, I will probably just make a backup of Distant Web, and maybe another site or two, and just see what happens. It is entirely possible, however, that I will simply join the ranks and forward my domains to whatever Social Media page I feel best suits the domain and call it quits.

To anyone reading, thank you for your time.

Robert Lauer/Distant Web

All Blogs (9)   Books (1)   Internet (3)   Movies (2)   Music (1)   Site News (4)   Video Games (2)   Web Coding (5)

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